Altispring, innovation dealmaker

What is Altispring?

Business Accelerator and consulting boutique for

innovative solutions and Entrepreneurs.


We offer a one stop shop for your expansion in new territories.


We empower our community of ambassadors to crowdsource deals within their ecosystem.




Our offers

We are on your side for:

  • Business development and strategic partnerships
  • Market Entry & Supplier sourcing
  • Financing and Fundraising
  • Sales talent recruitment

We are based in Paris and have offices in Mauritius

Through our extensive network of partners, we can give you access to:

  • French and European markets
  • Indian Ocean and African markets
  • North America
  • Asia, South America, Pacific Area

Expand your business worldwide.

Our focus

Bring innovative solutions on the ground.

  • Software
  • Innovative systems
  • High value consulting

We operate inside several sectors:

  • Industry
  • IOT and Telecoms
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • And all industries where innovation offer new ways to make things