Grow and go to the next level

Negotiate strategic partnerships

Give value to your business closing strategic partnerships:

  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Accelerators

Close deals

Take advantage of our experienced network of:

  • Specialists of sales outsourcing
  • On demand independant sales executives
  • Offshore call centers

Finance your project with investors

Fuel your development leveraging money and experience from:

  • Business Angels
  • VC and funds
  • Equity crowfunding

We are working on your success and are willing to invest in some of the startups we help to succeed. We want to build value for the long term.

Recruit sales talent

The team for your success.

Transform your business process

  • Explore new ways to increase your turnover (presales through crowfunding...)
  • Be more productive and transform your company in a sales machine with technologies